Old Lady Review +spoilers so WATCH OUT!, September 18, 2013

'Clockwork Princess' Cassandra Clare


In case you didn't get it from the title, there are going to be spoilers aplenty in this review so Close Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

K. That said, with 1300+ reviews on here, and most of them 5*, I realize there really isn't much need for another one. Except that what everyone's love/hate of this series/book seems to hinge on is the epilogue, and at a ripe old 39 years, I seem to have a different take on this one than the average reader.

I came to Cassandra Clare, like many of you, via the Mortal Instruments. And while I really liked those books, I never quite loved them. There are many reasons why, but the main one was that I found it hard to swallow Clary+Jace. I loved the character of Jace (Clary not so much), but he reminded me of too many boyfriends past for me to quite believe that he could be Clary's happily-ever-after. Particularly at age 18 (or whatever they were supposed to be.) I've always had a bone to pick with Disney for mass-marketing the myth of happily-ever-after, and in so many ways, M.I. fell afoul of that too.

Okay, I understand that this is teen (or 30-something-mommy) fantasy fiction, and yet there are so many great fantasy books out there that look at relationships in a slightly more realistic light. I.e. that they are messy: not your-lover-might-be-your-brother, silly-messy, but I'm-not-sure-who-I-really-love messy. Trust me: it's more common than you might think.

Which is why I loved the Infernal Devices trilogy so much. And in particular, the ending. I was right there with Tessa, not knowing which guy was the right choice. To me - as to her - they were both the right choice, but she could only have one. And to me, it makes perfect sense that she could love Jem and have a full life with him after Will died. For one thing, Will had died a long time ago. For another, I have to imagine that in 130 years she'd matured enough to realize what we old ladies have generally realized: that love is never absolute. It's a constantly evolving creature. Some of us may have one true love. Some of us may have many, and if they're truly true, they won't detract from, but build on one another.

So go Cassandra Clare for challenging the Disney myth! And all of you teens who think I'm insane, re-read this when you're 40. :-)

By sarah on 09 November 2013 |