"This is an epic filled with emotion and rich with atmosphere - as heady as the hashish smoke swirling around the desert tents."
- Sara Wilson, Historical Novels Review

How do you choose between love and honour?

It is the time of the Crusades. The Islamic world is divided and the Franks have captured the Holy Land. As the mighty Saladin struggles to unite the warring clans of Arabia against the invaders, Khalidah, a young Bedouin woman of no obvious importance finds herself a pawn in a deadly plot involving her own feuding tribe and the powerful Templar Knights. Faced with certain death, she runs away with a man she barely knows, towards adventure and the echoes of a past that somehow connect her to the Jinn - the mysterious Afghan warriors who may hold the key to the coming battle for the Holy Land.

What reviewers have said:

Sand Daughter is a fascinating snapshot into the world of the Crusades. 12th century Arabia is beautifully recreated, but this is ultimately a story about people and not places. Thankfully, Sarah Bryant provides characters to care about a-plenty. Not just a love story, a thriller, or a straight historical but rather an impressive blend of all three.

- Sara Wilson, Historical Novels Review, 2007

Somehow intimate and grand at the same time. Romantic, thrilling, epic and touching. How does Sarah Bryant do it?

- Robert Finn, Author of bestselling thriller Adept

... endearing as a romance yet has enough action and history to satisfy Crusades enthusiasts. Confidently recommended!

- Lucille Cormier, Historical Novels Review, 2009

Immediately immersing, rich in detail and complex in theme, this skillful novel uses nested stories and lengthy reveals that call to mind the Arabian Nights, and doesn't shy from challenging subject matter. Gripping and convincing, this is a worthy historical page-turner.

- Publisher's Weekly

This epic, romantic, action-packed story runs the gamut of human emotions from anger to love, and fear to remorse. 

- Historical Romance Reviews

What I've said:

When the UK edition of Sand Daughter first came out, the American novelist C.W. Gortner interviewed me for his blog. Answers to any of your questions about the book should be covered here!