Interesting, January 18, 2013

'The Crossing Places' Elly Griffiths


I read this after reading Erin Hart's excellent 'Haunted Ground', that having started me on a Bronze Age burial kick. While not as good as that book, this is still a notch above the average forensic thriller. A lot of reviewers complain that they found the heroine unlikeable, but actually, her insecure, intelligent, and yes, somewhat prickly character really appealed to me. She was very real, her reactions to events believable and interesting, and made the mystery(s) she became involved in better-than-average.

That said, I really wanted the Bronze Age burial to play more of a role in the story than it did, and once it was tied to a modern missing child case it became all too predictable. It was obvious quite early on who the culprit was, and that character wasn't deep enough to make the why all that interesting. Even what I think was meant to be a twist at the end was clear from a mile away. So, though I did enjoy this book, I'm not desperate to read the next in the series.

By sarah on 09 November 2013 |