Tedious January 18, 2013

"The Lake of Dreams" Kim Edwards


I picked up this book because my ten-year-old daughter found it at a book sale and was desperate to read it, and I wanted to see if it was appropriate (she's a very mature reader.) Looking at the blurb, I can see why she was intrigued - I was too. I love a good Gothic family saga, and from the description, this had all the hallmarks: old house, locked cupboard, secret papers, oh my!

Instead, this is a tedious trip down memory lane for the heroine, who comes back to her rural American childhood home from her new life in Japan because of mom's health scare. It's unbearably predictable: mom's considering selling the family house, brother's moving on with his life while she can't seem to, old flame is still in town and just happens to be single the whole thing brings up unresolved feelings about her father's death...and so on.

And that locked cupboard with the papers? It turns out to involve a closet skeleton in the form of an ancestor who was - wait for it - a suffragette! And (semi spoiler alert) might have had an illegitimate child. It was at this point that I chucked the book across the room. It's a pretty slim book not to finish, but I really couldn't do it. I told my daughter she was welcome to read it, but after my description, she declined. Comment

By sarah on 09 November 2013 |