Loved this!, January 18, 2013

'Haunted Ground' Erin Hart


I stumbled on this book looking for something set in Ireland, to get the speech patterns in my head for something I was writing. Five seconds into it, I was hooked! I've always been fascinated by the phenomenon for bog bodies, and this book gives such great insight into them. I also liked that this wasn't the 'typical' bog body (can't really say more without spoilers.) That Ms. Hart managed to make me care as much about the 'red headed girl from the bog' as I did about the living characters, says a lot about her writing skills. Likewise, the way that she gives the secondary characters some context (home lives, interests, reasons why they do what they do) makes this a far richer novel than the average forensic whodunnit. I think that's also why, while I guessed the culprit fairly early on, I was still gripped until the very end. All of this added to an intricate, beautiful and pretty darned accurate portrait of modern western Ireland and, well, I wish I'd written it!

By sarah on 09 November 2013 |