Three Cheers for the NHS

I've got fever. Okay, Mud Fever. Not that exciting in the grand scheme of things - however, since it's traditionally a horse disease, I'm a little freaked out. My two ponies, whom I love beyond reason, have both succumbed to the ailment this (very wet) summer. I've been treating it dutifully, with hibiscrub and some sudocream...and when that didn't work some very expensive powder from the local feed shop...and when that didn't work something gooey, pink and equallly expensive from the vet. And washing my hands till they bleed, I should add. (BTW I would add a grisly image to flesh this out for you, but we haven't yet figured out how to put images on here.)
ANYway: the ponies' Mud Fever started to abate, and suddenly I got a thing in my ear that looks a lot like Mud Fever - at least from what I can make out in the mirror. So I went to the doctor and said, "I've got this thing in my ear, I think it might be Mud Fever. Or a fatal skin-eating bacterium. But probably Mud Fever."
"Right," he said, and proceded to Google it. (Have any of you noticed, of late, your GP's alarming propensity to Google during your consultation? I mean, like I couldn't have fed him URLs!)
His verdict: "The specific bacterium doesn't come up on a Google search. But it does say it can be passed to humans."
So I asked, "Okay - what should I do?"
" should probably speak to a vet."
Yes, my NHS GP really did tell me to consult a vet! To be fair, he also gave me a prescription for an antibiotic cream. But A VET! Hello? ConDem, are you listening??

By sarah on 07 July 2011 |